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Frequently Asked Question

Some frequently Asked Questios

What is ChangeBlast.com ?

ChangeBlast  is one of the most trusted e-currency exchange house and very well known free e-wallet service provider to transfer your funds from anywhere around the globe for a very minimum fee..

Who own's ChangeBlast.com ?

ChangeBlast is an incorporation and have many investor's. 

However ChangeBlast Holdings Inc. holds the 58% shares of market value.

Is there any MOQ to exchange?

Yes!   We have some MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity ). As we've very low charges at ChangeBlast, also when we transfer "To" or "From" any e-wallet to e-wallet the merchant always charge us. That is the main reason to have Minimum Order Quantity, which you can check on the Order Page.

What will be the charges for a transaction?

ChangeBlast  is the leading exchange house, because of our low fees & charges people love to use our service. We always try our level best to charge you less as much as possible, however you can easily SELECT the exchange and check our charges at the order page.

Is ChangeBlast.com website is legitimate?

Yes, 100% Legitimate & Legally Registered Under United States Incorporation Law, with Dodd-Frank Act of 2007 (As New York incorporation). 

Please read our Privacy Policies & Terms of Services for more information.

How ChangeBlast.com will save your money?

We never charge high exchange fee as compare to other exchangers or payment processors for our E-wallet Exchange Service

Without waiting long time and paying high cost, you can convert your digital money (E-currency) from one payment processor to other. 

Also our Send / Receive money service around the globe is free of cost.

Does ChangeBlast offer's service worldwide?

We can proudly say this. 
Yes, we're offering our Exchange & E-wallet services to the world. 
Still the Bank Transfer facilities are available within few countries & banks only as of now. And our hard working team's are working to grow this tree.

What will be my Exchange ID to track my transaction?

After the payment, you'll receive the 32-digit Exchange ID on your Exchange page. Also, you'll get an automated email with your Payment Confirmation & Exchange ID. Through that Exchange ID you can check the status of your transaction anytime.

How much time will it take to process the Exchanges?

Normally, all exchanges / payments were processed within 4 hours to 48 hours
Still in case of first-time user it can take up-to 2 to 4 business days based on the bank details provided by the user. 
Also, all e-wallets exchanges usually takes 40 minutes to 24 hours to reflect into your requested wallet.

I didn't receive my money within the given time frame?
We sincerly apologize for the inconvenience! however we always try our level best to process every order or an exchange within the given time frame. Only in few conditions it'll take some extra time. 
Also in case we are unable to process your order within 48 hours, our automated system will revert your transaction back to the source.
When do ChangeBlast need my identity and address proof details?

Yes, we need Identity & Address Proof of the user, only in case the amount is more than the maximum limit allowed.  
This is just to avoid fraudulent e-currency transactions & money laundering.  
In case any user wants to Exchange or Send / Receive e-currencies below the maximum limit allowed, ChangeBlast  will never ask you for verification.

Where can I submit my identity and address proof documents?

You can easily upload the scan documents through the contact page with your Exchange ID. 
All you need to send us a mail with your Exchange ID and all your documents..
We accept scan copies of your identity & address proof documents only in .img/.jpeg/.jpg/.png.
While submitting the request of Exchange, there is a mistake. What should I do now?

You should immediately need to Contact Us or contact our live chat agent so that our operator could catch the transaction and cancel it. 
After 24 hours ChangeBlast will not be responsible for any financial loss.
I have an Idea / suggestion. How can I share it?
We would love to work on that. It will be great if you can email us at contact@changeblast.com or get in touch with us at Contact Page

--Thank you
I’ve found a bug / mistake etc. What should I do?
Thank you for your cooperation.
Please write us to: contact@changeblast.com

Please subject it: Bug / Mistake
What is the affiliated system?
ChangeBlast has its own affiliate program through which users of ChangeBlast.com can earn a good amount of money. Other than this we do not participate in any other projects. 
You can check our Affiliate Program here.
How do I can cancel my order?
We don't have any issue. 
On every single stage you'll get an option to CANCEL your order. 
However, all you need to inform us within 4 hours after the payment is done. 
Our Exchanger will never ask you a single question while cancellation.
Where I'll get my Refund?

It's also depends on the availability and the user. 
However, most of the time our automated system and bots on our portal, refund money back to the same source
As they're only able to revert the transaction.