Fraud Awareness

Dear Valuable,

                          Due to the increasing number of fraudulent attempts, we kindly request that you be very attentive and bear in mind the following rules while dealing with any type of electronic currency:

  Never transfer money to unfamiliar people.

  If a friend of yours is asking you to transfer money onto a certain account, by contacting you in Skype, ICQ/AOL/Jabber, or any other messaging system that does not allow you to confirm their identity, please call him/her over the phone to make sure nobody else is acting on your friend’s behalf.

  Be very attentive while specifying the account number. Once you have made a mistake, you will not be able to revoke the transaction.

  Refrain from lending money with the help of non-reversible payment systems. You will not be able to get the funds back.

  Please note that the only way to pay the order is to do it through our website. We never send our customers any payment directions via email/Skype/ICQ, we never dictate them over the phone. If you think we sent you any payment details using a way other than our website, do not use the payment details.

  If you never submitted a transaction request on our website, don’t pay.

  Never use your bank accounts for transferring the money that belongs to someone else, even if they promise to reward you. Otherwise, you may be accused of money laundering and be sentenced to long-term imprisonment.


Our service offers customer support exclusively with the following ways of communication:


  We never ask for loans or accept any donations, nor do we offer loans of any kind. Please ignore anyone who is trying to contact you on our behalf using contact details other than stated here, even if they look similar.

Any attempt of unlawful activity is guaranteed to be reported to the law enforcement agencies.

Thank You for your attention.